┽Song for lovers┾

日期:2019-03-29 08:13:05 作者:尉迟磊躯 阅读:

Here’s a song for lovers Who don’t care if they don’t sleep If dragonflies with heavy hearts Cut the air like darts Here’s a song for lovers Who won’t ever have to weep Clear-sighted eyes and uncried tears All bright out in the sun You were far too young dear To get so close to the clouds No one told you to stay awake For pleasures of that kind You were far too small To step far outside of your house Now you saw how dragonflies Tint their hearts with dark Here’s a song for lovers Who don’t care if they bleed 选自独立民谣风格的乐队The DO首张专辑《A Mouthful》, 成员为Olivia B.Merilahti和Dan Levy, 来自法国巴黎和芬兰赫尔辛基的一对新跨国组合 http://www.tjstart.com/amuse/music/minyao/song%20for%20lovers.mp3 [ 本帖最后由 寻_找 于 2009-5-16 13:48 编辑 ] IMG_1184 拷贝_缩小大小.jpg (181 KB, 下载次数: 635) 下载附件  保存到相册 2009-5-16 13:43 上传 20080222000000946.jpg (22 KB, 下载次数: 32) 下载附件  保存到相册 2009-5-16 13:43 上传 提示: 作者被禁止或删除 内容自动屏蔽 简单干净的帖子,温馨的声音 好听的声音,音乐有断续 顺便问好楼上和楼上的~~~ 那就下载来听吧~ 不错的一首歌[s: